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The Wanderers Revolving Door

It is the same argument season after season. “Why do we clean out player’s every year?” Only to be met with cries mid-season to sign new players and dump the under achievers. We are a hard bunch to please us Wanderers fans.

There is a perfectly good reason as to why we have a revolving door on player transfers. If a player is good, we sell them or give them the opportunity to head overseas such as Juric, Jamieson, Golec, etc.

The club also needs to be making money, so that it can stay in operation. If we receive a transfer offer of a substantial amount, our owners are likely to accept it instead of letting a player go at the end of his contract. We have spent the money developing them, we deserve payment.

If a player is underperforming and not improving, we cut them loose. This is partly due to the salary cap and squad size cap. There is a finite number of positions and money on a squad, and obviously you need to be getting value for your money.

The average players stay in the squad for more development, or because their transfer offer isn’t worth giving up their services.

Do we always get it right? In instances such as Aaron Mooy that was cut loose only to make his way through the CFG system and now on loan at Huddersfield, no. But not every club does.

If we look at any other club in the A-League the same revolving door occurs. It isn’t always as big as 13 players like we did at the end of last season, but it is usually around 6-8 players per club.

All that we can do is trust in our scouts and Popa, and hope that they get it right year after year. And so far, in all but one season, they have.

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