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Top 5 Goalkeepers that could join the Wanderers

It is no secret that our goalkeepers this season aren’t quite cutting the cheese. Andrew Redmayne has had shocker after shocker, even taking into account our defensive lapses, and Tyson has shown that his decision making is very questionable with a careless penalty and a red card in back to back weeks.

So what other options do we have? We take a look at the top 5 goalkeepers that could be joining the Wanderers during the January transfer window.

  1. Adam FedericiFederici.jpg

Perhaps a little ambitious, but Federici is currently wasting away on the bench at Bournemouth in the Premier League, Since leaving Reading upon the expiry of his contract in 2015 and making 253 appearances for the club, he has made a total of 13 appearances for Bournemouth, 7 of which were in cups, and only 1 game this season in the League Cup.

If Federici wants hope of grabbing the starting gloves for the Socceroos, he needs to be getting regular starting football. The question is though, how much would he cost to get on loan, as he still has a few seasons left on his contract.

  1. Zac MacMathMacMath.JPG

A 25 year old American born MacMath was the reason for the Colorado Rapids stellar start to the MLS season, with many tipping him to replace Tim Howard as the US Teams starting keeper. However, it came as a big shock when the Rapids signed Howard as their designated player, for him to start ahead of the youngster.

MacMath boasts a great record playing in the U17 and U20 national teams. He would make an outstanding contribution to our club, with 111 total appearances across Philadelphia Union and the Rapids, however with our visa spots taken up we would have to cut a current player loose.

  1. Thomas SorensonSorenson.jpg

Similar to MacMath above, Sorenson is a foreign player and therefore a visa spot would have to be used up. Once the first choice for Melbourne city, Sorenson has been pushed aside to see Dean Bouzanis take the gloves for the club after a red card in round 1. Sorenson has had an impressive career featuring at clubs such as Sunderland, Aston Villa and Stoke, as well as the Danish national team.

The only question is, at 40 years of age, is he too old to consider bringing in? One possibility would be to bring him in and have Tyson learn under his watch. Others would argue at that age to bring Covic back.

  1. Mark BirighittiBirra.jpg

The former Newcastle Jets keeper made a surprise move to Swansea for the 2016-17 season on a 2 year deal. What hasn’t been a surprise, is that he is yet to make an appearance for the club. We have all seen Birra in action and know what he is capable of. He is high on this list as he is 1; amazing, 2; young and 3; Australian so there is no need for a visa spot.

His resume also includes appearance for the Socceroos, and like Federici if he wants to be the number one choice for the National team, he has to be number one choice at his club.With a season and a half left on his contract, would Swansea loan him out to us, even for 6 months?

  1. Vedran Janjetovic.


Who else would end up at number one on this list? His name has been on the rumour mill for weeks, and if the reports are true, we are looking to trade Redmayne over to Sydney to get his services. The only blocker is that we want Janjetovic match fit before we trade Redmayne.

On personal leave indefinitely, Vedran is said to be unhappy at Sydney, after being promised the starting job for this season. That is until they signed Danny Vukovic to take his place. Love him or hate him, he is the man for the job, and the most likely transfer signing for us in January. A proven keeper, Australian, and something to prove.

What are your thoughts? Perhaps we left someone off this list that would be worth looking at? Which of the two current keepers would you let go? Leave your comments on our Facebook page or tweet us @RednBlackTV

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