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Top 5 Highest Rated Wanderers Players in Fifa 18

Fifa 18 is out officially on Friday, but it is available to play now if you bought the digital Ronaldo or Icon edition.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 rated Wanderers players in this years edition.

5.  Robbie Cornthwaite

Robbie has scored himself a rating of 66, which earns him a (rare) silver card. He has been given 2 * weak foot and 2 * skills which is a fair assessment of the giant centre back.

His main stats are pretty fair although he might have a thing or two to say about his pace and dribbling. He did score a 73 for heading, which he will be fairly happy with though. His overall rating didn’t increase from last season, although for me he could have been bumped up to a 67 or 68.

4.  Josh Risdon

Risdon has come in at a rating of 70, and is our highest rated defender. Josh has received a 3* weak foot and 2* skills, which I’m sure he will be happy with.

Stat wise his pace and physicality are up there, although after seeing his effort against Blacktown his 48 shot rating might deserve to be a little higher. Unfortunately for Josh, his overall rating slipped back 1 point from 2017, with only his defense dropping by 2 in his main stats.

3. Roly Bonevacia

In at number 3 for our team is Bonevacia, scoring a 70 overall, although he is down 2 points from last season. He lost 2 points from his dribbling and 1 from his defense. He has also been relegated from his rare card last year.

He has been given 4* skills which is great as well as a 3* weak foot rating. Overall Roly should be happy with his rating and aim to increase back to a 72/73 for next season.

2. Oriol Riera

Our second highest rated player is also our leading goal scorer in pre season. A 3* weak foot and 3* skills seem a little low already, however there is the chance for an upgrade throughout the season. With 72 shooting, 69 physicality and 66 pace, it is clear that he is a strong striker.

He has been given a massive increase in his passing from last season from 48, as well as seeing a few other stats change slightly. Overall he is the 11th best rated player in the A-League, although this author believes he should be inside the top 10.

1. Álvaro Cejudo

Cejudo earns the top spot for our highest rated player and in fact is the second best rated in the A-League, and on the same overall as Castro. A 5* weak foot is outstanding, and a 3* skills isn’t bad either.

Overall his pace and dribbling make him the best right mid in the league. His overall rating hasn’t changed since last season, although his dribbling and physicality stats have dropped by 1.

His rating of 76 also makes him our highest ever rated player, edging out Romeo Castelen from Fifa 16 who was rated 64. This also makes him our first ever gold player.

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