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Top 5 Improved Wanderers

Following on from our Top 5 Wanderers list, we take a look at the players that have improved the most throughout the 2016/17 season. Let us know your top 5!

5. Lachlan Scott

Credit: Daily Telegraph

The young striker that was killing it in our NPL2 team, Lachlan Scott broke into the Wanderers squad this season and even managed a few starts. Although, as expected, his form didn’t translate over, he still managed to grab a few goals in the A League and ACL this season. Copping some criticism for his speed and finishing, the young lad struggled with the undue pressure placed on him after Kerem Bulut’s departure. However, he showed promise and determination and will be a valuable player in the years to come.

4. Jaushua (Josh) Sotirio

Josh Sotirio, the young gun that has seemingly been around forever in the Wanderers. He has been, arguably, disappointing is past seasons. His final ball and shot accuracy has left a lot to be desired for an attacking winger. However, this season he has turned things around and scored a number of important goals, including match winners. Putting aside receiving 2 yellow cards in only a few minutes in the semi-final loss to Brisbane, he has had a much improved season and, at his age, there should be more improvement to come.

3. Jack Clisby

It may seem strange having Jack Clisby on this list, given that this is his first season with the Wanderers. However, after an uncertain and shaky start, he has made the Left (wing) Back spot his own and proved vital throughout the season. His defence, control, ability to beat players one-on-one, crossing (most times) and even shots on goal/target (greatly outstripping Kerem Bulut while he was still at the club) were incredible. One of our best signings, let’s hope he stays on for at least a few more seasons.

2. Jonathan Aspropotamitis (Aspro)

Credit: Getty Images

Coming in at number 5 on our Top 5 Wanderers of the season overall, the young Centre Back was a must for this list. Aspro has gone from strength to strength and certainly has a big footballing future ahead of him. Aspro was nominated for NAB Youth player of the year and has been selected, along with Scott and Sotirio, for the Under 23s Australian team.

1. Kearyn Baccus

Credit: Daily Telegraph

Keryn Baccus, only just missing out on our last list (by a narrow vote!), is an obvious choice for most improved. He has gone from a ‘squaddy’ that would do the job but really offered little going forward to being a standout and important player that is also a vital attacking weapon. The Blacktown junior managed to beat out, captain and visa player, Dimas into the starting 11; looking at home in a top quality midfield. He is steady in defence and offers real spark and penetration in attack. The best example of his transformation is the 2-0 win against Newcastle in Campbelltown, where he split the defence to put Scott in on goal.

So that’s it. Hopefully we can keep most if not all of these players and we’ll have a great 2017/18 season!

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