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Top 5 Most hated Easterners

5. Graham Arnold
Fairly new to the East, he has ruffled feathers in the past with his mansion comparison, as well as his complete lack of respect for the Wanderers. Hatred has also continued over from his time at CCM.

4. Vedran Janjetovic
Ironic now that he plays for us, but we will never forget how he flipped the bird to the RBB during derby. Here’s hoping he gives a big Fornaroli style Fuck off to the cove.

3. Sasha Ognenovski
Flognenovski. Has continuously been disrespectful to the Wanderers both as a player and on commentary for Fox Sports.

2. Alex Brosque
Lives in the West, plays in the East. Will never forget the photo of him in a WSW hat and scarf.

1. Ali Abbas
Easily the most hated player, accusations of racism against Santa as well as an all round filthy player. Was a pleasure to see him injured by La Rocca in the derby.

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