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Top 5 RBB tifos

5. Shinji Ono farewell Tifo, the original major marquee for the club, gave us the chance of silverware, and imprinted His initials on our hearts, being compared to every marquee we sign. The tifo, which portrayed Ono’s face, and the Japanese Flag, with Japanese writing, showed the RBB and their interest into the finer side of Tifo’s, if only Shinji was one of the select few in the stadium that could probably read it.

4. Fear none, conquer all, Our first Asian Champions league game, the RBB with the now famous “Fear None, Conquer All” tifo with the kangaroo and the trophy, signified we were the Australian club, that was going to bring back the trophy, and the more than just one meaning of Fear None Conquer All reaches well outside of football, a motto for everything, a motto for challenges, a motto for life itself. Who would’ve thought that the monstrous RBB could come up with something that can be used for as an inspiration, not the police or the FFA, that’s for sure.

3. Success cannot exist without passion, with Popa taking us back to the finals, we faced a Brisbane side who had beaten us in a grand final 2 years before. One of the shortest, most successful coaching tenures was glorified, on a tifo for our semi, with Popa on the crest, the gold star, and the Bloc in full voice, made this tifo all the more special.

2. Our birth was your death, Although not our finest derby, one of our finest tifos against Sydney. Incorporating past tifos, both from The RBB and The Cove, the Spartan and octopus battling it out, with the spear piercing the deathly blow, signifying our entrance into the league. One of the Largest tifos in A-League history, and the amount of labour and time that would’ve been put into the tifo, and the attention to detail, makes it one of my favourites.

1. Painting Sydney Red & Black, although not the biggest, nor the most colourful, but signified the changing of the Guard in the city. Again using a previous tifo from The cove, it sees a young boy reading a book (geography for dummies) with his smurf in his arms, Del Piero picture, since that was all Sydney fans wanted to talk about, and the Smurf village, which then the first sheet is dropped, revealing the smurf village had been painted Red & Black by the RBB, the attention to detail in this Tifo is why it’s my #1

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