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Top 5 Wanderers imports


Alberto was instrumental at the back for the Wanderers in season 4, forming an excellent partnership with NTS. His passing range was second to none throughout the season and causing every striker in the league some kind of problem. A true fan favourite in his time at Wanderland and one of our best CB’s ever.

4.Jerome Polenz

Of course if you make it into the top 5 of all time, you’re going to make it into the top 5 import list. In his 2 seasons he gave it his all, wearing his heart on his sleeve and constantly menacing himself down the right-hand side.

3.Oriol Riera

While it is early days for the big Spanish striker, his first season has been nothing short of exceptional. Only being 1 goal away from breaking Santa’s all-time record in a season, he has hit the ground running with the red and black. Our lacklustre season hasn’t helped his cause but he’s still managed to score in every 2nd game. If he continues on this route next season he will easily become a club legend.

2.Youseff Hersi

Hersi was our most dangerous winger on his day, constantly turning defenders inside out and creating goals out of nothing. While he had his weak points, both being injury and red cards, he was without a doubt one of our best and will be remembered for years to come.

Honourable mentions (Nico Martinez, Raul Llorente, Romeo Castalen, Andreu)

1.Shinji Ono

Who else could it be? The man, the myth, the legend himself, we had a chant for him, we saw some of our best moments with him on the pitch and no other player could’ve taken the top spot. The last piece of the puzzle is getting a statue for him in front of the new Parramatta stadium.

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