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Tough Times in a Shaky Season

We’re not traveling well, and that’s no secret. Our current record is 2 wins, 6 draws and 3 losses, with a goal difference of -6. I can rattle all the stats off that I want to try and prove that our season isn’t terrible, and that the team has the ability to be winning games 3-0, but I won’t.
If we look back there are a few games where we have thrown points away. Central Coast, Newcastle, City, Phoenix. 8 points squandered, which would currently have us in 2nd, without considering GD.

These are the games that can define a season. Not the 3-0 losses to Victory, not the 4-0 loss to cross town rivals Sydney FC. It is the games that we held a lead in, and had to settle for a draw. Hell, even if we look at the Roar game we should have won, we would be sitting outright 2nd on the ladder.

However, it is pointless to look back at what could have been. We must strive to look towards the future, to what the new year holds for us. With January looming, also comes the transfer window. There are rumours of a few done deals.

Redmayne out for Janjetovic. Bulut being shown the door despite Popovic’s guarantee that he is still apart of our plans.
It is clear that we need to sign a new striker, Santa is scoring for us but it isn’t enough. Scott is still yet to get on the score sheet. Clisby has the potential to be our starting striker despite playing as our LB.
And then we have Popovic. The legend that has taken us to 3 domestic grand finals, 1 intercontinental grand final, 1 premiers plate and 1 Asian Champions League. Yet there are many people calling for his head. I will condeed that yes, if this were South America or Europe, he would probably be gone. Look at Chelsea and how Robert Di Matteo went after winning their Champions League.
Yes we demand success, but we need to work for it. As a team. It is not one person’s sole responsibility to deliver trophies, it is the 11 men on the pitch, the 5 subs, the rest of the squad, coaching staff and management. Without standing by our coach we would just be another club that shows no loyalty to those who have shown us theirs.
So yes, #Popaout may be the cry, but at what point do we sacrifice out loyalty? And if he is indeed given the chance to leave, is it already too late for another manager to turn us around?
We may be 11 rounds in and sitting in 7th place. But there is 16 more games to play, 48 more points to win. Going off previous seasons, that could potentially be enough to get us the premiership again pending other results. It would at least put us in the hunt inside the top 3.

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