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Twitter reacts to RBB bans

Wanderers fans have had enough of the poor performances on the field and the actions of 5 angry fans have set the scene for open rebellion between fans and the board once more.

Usually, when the RBB is in trouble the support falls into factions, these largely consisting of those who love the colour and the defiance that is part of Active support and those who would prefer that the letter of the law be followed at all times.

But there seems almost universal support for the banned RBB members this time as well as condemnation for the board and in particular Mr. Lederer.

Lederer is running Wanderers like Mike Ashley at Newcastle, he has a hold of a massive club and its support and what happens on the pitch doesn’t seem to bother him.

Newcastle United fans have been without a trophy for the best part of a century but they keep coming back for more, Western Sydney, however, isn’t a one town City anymore, the support that has been assumed will soon be fought over with our rivals from Campbelltown.

Twitter was outright depressed with the weekend on and off the pitch as the sad realisation that we are not going to win anything again this year and that our owners are not going to do anything to change it dawns upon WSW’s support.

Have a look through these threads and get the feel of both an angry and disillusioned support.

And our own article from yesterday:


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