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Wanderers fade again – NEWvWSW

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In the absence of an official Match Review, because I’m over writing about draws and losses and CBF really, here’s my quick thoughts on the game against Newcastle yesterday.

– the girls tried hard in hot conditions and got a bit unlucky really with the 2-1 loss. Some silly errors and lapses in concentration really hurt us, despite coming home the stronger. 😎

– as for the men, what can I say? We let another lead go and fell apart in the 2nd half again! We have the fitness and strength of an anorexic sloth that hasn’t slept in hours…😧
– the team showed all the signs of being over-worked and tired from a massive week of football with very little squad rotation. Herd and Baccus both coming off early and we lost control of the game.
– Cejudo also finally ran out of steam, proving that he is, after all, human. However this limited our choices of subs. Sotirio came on to cover the wing but that left Santa in the bench. 3 subs due to fatigue/general illness from the strain of the last week. 🤕
– still not going to attack Foxe 🐶 because he’s inexperienced and thrown in the deep end in an impossible situation. However, it is clear that we can’t afford to take too much more time in replacing Popa.
– my main concern though is that this is very reminiscent of last season. Too many draws where we should have won. 🙃
– on the plus, what a goal from Bridge!? And we remain undefeated in Newcastle and for the season. But that win would have been great! If for no other reason than that I had the review title sorted. “Bridging the Gap”. Getit!? Cos we would move up the table from the goal!?? Ohhh… snap.

OK enough back slapping from me. 🔴
What did you make of the game? Your best and worst? GO!!

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