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Wanderers Finding Form For Finals

3 wins on the trot. We sure as hell haven’t been able to say that for a while! Not since the semi final from last year where we had the magical comeback from 3-0 down against Brisbane.

It brings a massive question now, are we hitting for at just the right time? There is a term used in sports around the world that use a finals system and that is “peaking”.

The idea is that you want to peak around the back end of the season, to ensure that you’re in the best form possible to win games in the finals.

Of course we will be having to accomplish that coming somewhere from 3rd to 6th, depending on the next 3 weeks. The task of winning a grand final from anywhere but the top 2 isn’t impossible, but statistics from NRL and AFL generally shows it is almost impossible to win from below 2nd.

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Popa said weeks ago that we will be in the Grand Final. The funny thing is, is that I’m actually starting to believe him now. Maybe all that we need is to keep the faith.

After all we have made the finals 3 times and all 3 times made the grand final. The 90 minutes during those grand finals all then become a blur.

If we have a look at our next 3 games, things are looking promising.

First up is the Jets who just got smashed 5-0 away at Wellington. They will surely be looking to bounce back and keep their slim hopes of finals alive. Or at the very least keep their distance from the spoon. Keep in mind that they lost to a Nix side with 6 players out on international duty, so my hopes are pretty high of a decent win.

After that is our final home game to Victory at ANZ stadium. In both games so far they have whooped us 3-0, but with the plate now out of reach and 2nd locked up they may look at resting players for the finals. Expect a big game, and probably a tight one, but with Santa coming back from suspension I can see us potentially picking up a win or at least a draw.

In the last round we play against last years double winners; Adelaide United. With their finals hopes gone, their only saving grace might be avoiding the spoon. Being played away in home it will be a test of character for the boys, and they will be wanting to take as much momentum as they can into the first week of the finals.

So looking at that, we should pick up at least 6 points, possibly 7 and hopefully all 9 in the last 3 games of the regular season. The only thing that could possibly change with more points is moving up into 5th, and change which team we play. As a home final is all but mathematically impossible now.

All that’s left to say is, keep the faith and get to the Newcastle away game before we give the boys one last push at home against Victory.

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