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Wanderers look to end trophy drought and claim local territory

We have always had a derby, always had a ‘local’ rival, a team from across the way who have become our sworn rivals, but we haven’t had one in our backyard save FFA Cup games, that is all about to change with the impending arrival of South Western Sydney, themselves little more than a grab on our turf.

Wanderers haven’t covered ourselves in glory in recent seasons, let’s be clear we screamed to get Poppa out and since have seen even more instability than his last chaotic years at the club.

Last year Babbel tried his best but came up short with the team actually regressing as a unit, we were out of contention for the finals weeks before the conclusion of the season, Gombau took us within 90 minutes at least.

This year Wanderers genuinely have it all to play for, we are a big club that has been underperforming for some time, the excuses of the exile to Spotless are now no longer valid, the time to stand and reinstate the dominance especially at home that we enjoyed in our early seasons is now not just desirable, it is overdue.

Should we have another season of woe whereby fans who have paid for season tickets can’t be bothered going to the games, then the club is truly at the crossroads, our owner is minted, we won’t go broke, but we could yet see a swathe of our fans abandon ship and start supporting the new franchise.

Nothing keeps fans happy like trophies, we have been desperately unlucky in every final bar one that we have lost to Central Coast, Brisbane and Adelaide were the bitterest of pills to swallow, that was of course until we found ourselves trying to avoid the spoon.

The time for WSW to reinstate ourselves as a dominate force in the A-League is at hand, we have recruited well and could yet add to or list, the manager thankfully has been given the second season that he needs to rectify our faults and plan accordingly.

All that is needed now is for Wanderers to seize the opportunity ahead and continue this Cup run, all of the teams are beatable, there are no excuses, we beat Melbourne City at a similar stage last year after all.

A trophy for the fans to celebrate and a run at further silver will unite the West, falling out of the cup and falling of the pace will hamstring our club just as it needs to find its stride.

“This is our City” was the slogan both ourselves and Sydney FC often used among ourselves, to hell with the East, Western Sydney is Wanderers territory, now is the time to fight for it.


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