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Wanderers still Keane on hit man

Dominic Bossi has reported in the Herald that Robbie Keane has priced himself out of the Brisbane Roars ability to sign him, even with a reported $500,000 of A League assistance.

This leaves Western Sydney Wanderers FC in the pole position to sign the Republic of Ireland hit man, if we choose to spend.

Wanderers have made profit after profit without spending large amounts on a marquee in the past.

We can afford him, that Brisbane cant is their problem.

The article itself is quite negative claiming that our hopes have been dealt a blow.

That’s garbage.

Because the way i see it we just went from pole position to sole position, in the A League anyway and our representatives are there right now.

There is obviously interest from the usual football slush havens, but with our Asian Champions League draw just 9 days away, we offer a real challenge.

The costs being thrown about are not excessive, its time for us to sign our first major marquee. The Herald reported:

Keane parted ways with Major League Soccer club Los Angeles Galaxy last month where he was earning $4.7 million per season and has already attracted interest from cashed-up clubs in Qatar, UAE and China as well as Australia.

Now the Roar’s offer was reported as:

Fairfax Media understands Brisbane Roar submitted an 18-month proposed deal to Keane’s management worth well in excess of $2 million, not including financial contributions from Football Federation Australia worth more than $500,000.

So lets say we need to come up with a figure between $2 and $4.7 million.

You would think that the carrot of Champions League football, summer in Australia and treading what is becoming a well troden path for Irish footballers could sway him over for $3.5 million.

In truth he will get higher offers than that, but he wont get a better one.

Keane has an opportunity to be a cult hero to one last group of fans.

With trophies to chase and the clock coming to the end of his prolific career, the hunger is there on both sides.

Even if he wants $5 million for 18 months, get him signed.

It is time we threw our weight around, we have more money, members and have a greater history in 5 years than the rest will achieve in a century.

We didn’t come to compete, we came to take over.

Lets get the marquee that will make it happen.

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