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We are not that bad, we have just forgotten how to be good

Unpopular opinion time, Wanderers have the players to do a much better job than what we are becoming accustomed to, we are merely switching off at key moments and are failing to do the basics well.

Our defending late in the game is a joke, we give as good as we get for 80 minutes and then other teams must fancy us as we are giving points away for fun late in the game.

Last week we battled with a very good Melbourne Victory team only to fall to a shot off the midriff, yesterday we saw a ball go in at the near post without Vedran even attempting to save it.

The brain snap by Vedran with 2 defenders covering Krishna was even more perplexing.

When a club is in a rut it seems like the players are hopeless, like there is no talent to be had and that they are written off before a ball was kicked, yesterday we saw Wanderers help themselves to chance after chance, plenty of shots, attacking runs and crosses which showed a true ethic among the lads.

It wasn’t beautiful, it was far from clinical but again it showed spirit and skill to be in the position to have those chances. What we must do is first cut out the schoolboy errors and second become more ruthless in front of goal.

Opposition teams will feel they are in with a shot against us so long as we leak goals that we shouldn’t, we are not being broken down by relentless pressure but by brain fades and poor decisions.

That we played as long as we did with 2 of our visa players off the pitch is a testament to the fact that our club isn’t as bad as it is on the table.

I honestly believe the squad needs surgery, that the gaffer needs to be given funds and time to sort this out. However, in the last 180 minutes we fought our guts out with the 2 form teams in the A-League over the last month and got nothing for it.

We lost both games with 4 or so minutes left on the clock and managed to score 3 goals across the 2 games, this is a team which has shown its worth only to come back with nothing to show for some extremely hard graft.

Wanderers have been fighting on the pitch and have held their own against more fancied teams, it is time for the boys to win the fight in their minds, get over the mental barrier of seeing a game out, hold onto a lead (particularly one in a derby!) dominate a match and don’t give the other team a sniff.

The ethic is there, the skill is there, it is time they proved to themselves that they are a good football team.

When they do, the results will look after themselves.

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