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What the Fans Want to See This Season

A little while ago we asked you what your hopes were for the Wanderers’ upcoming 2017/18 season. In no particular order, these are your Top 5!

5. Leadership players to step-up

With both Dimas and Nichols being released at the end of last season, we are officially without a captain. Many have tipped either Santalab or Cornthwaite (Cornflakes) to be given the arm band but it is yet to be seen. What is certain is that all of our more experienced players will need to step up and lead the large number of youth players and recent signings making up our squad for next season.

– special thanks to ‘SokkaaLife’ on twitter for this one.

4. Sign two quality Marquees

Quite a lot of responses to our question strongly advocated for good quality marquees, and a lot of people also made the point that we need to use both spots this time. At the present time, with Nico returning to Olympiakos, we have both spots free, as well as 2 visa spots (hint hint Popa – clearly a regular reader). A lot of responses also said that one of the marquee spots needs to be a striker.

3. Sign a quality Striker

Following on from the marquee requests, the great majority of fans said they most want to see a top quality striker signed. Whether on marquee wages or not, the Wanderers need a proven striker. This would most likely, and preferably, be a foreign striker as the Australian striker stocks are a bit bare. Although we love Santalab and we have seen promise from Scott, the Wanderers can’t go another season without a proven dedicated striker able to play close to 90 mins on a weekly basis.¬†There are still rumours that Scott McDonald and Robbie Keane are in the frame and question marks over Goran Pandev but I wouldn’t bet on any of them joining at the moment.

2. Sign good replacements for Nico and Antonis

A lot of fans, surprisingly, were calling for good replacements for key players Nico Martinez and Terry Antonis, rather than hoping we keep them. Although this is probably because we realise that there is little chance and that it is mostly beyond our control. However, it will be crucial to replace these two quality midfielders that contributed so much to our team last season, especially in attack. Roly Bonevacia (recently signed from Wellington) is a good start but much more is needed, especially in the way of a creative central midfielder.

1. Have a good off-season and good start to the season

This cannot be said enough and I cannot agree with you more on this one. The Wanderers have not had a proper quality off-season since… probably leading into our season 2 at best. We have had ACL commitments and high last minute squad turnovers every year since. This has led to us taking a long time during the season to get going and properly gel as a team. We finally have the time to sign players early and, without too many commitments (outside of FFA Cup), there should be plenty of time to get those players match fit and gelled together. I know it’s wishful thinking but how great would it be to finally start a season with a bang and not play catch-up?!!

Well that’s YOUR list of what is needed/wanted for the 2017/18 season. Thank you so much to all of those that responded on Facebook and Twitter. Keep in touch throughout the off-season and see you all next season!


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