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When did the walkout song walkout?

Last season sparked a debate surrounding the Wanderers walkout song. The club wished to have harmony between the RBB and all other members with a walkout song. It is meant so the players could hear the crowd lifting therafters of Parramatta stadium as soon as they entered the pitch for kick-off. Following a selection of choices, the members vote eventually came down to ‘Glorious’.

The club then got the lyrics and rolled them through the big screen as the RBB and fans tried to create a harmonious atmosphere around the ground. The final third of the season saw a large increase in raised scarves and Glorious being sung around the ground.

Nothing similar has been implemented into the spotless and ANZ fixtures as the walkout sound is now blasted by some unknown track, ruining all previous walkout atmospheres. For myself, I believe the opening moments can be the biggest influence onto the match, the crowd all coming together preparing for the epic 90 minutes ahead. Geeing up the boys and ensuring the rivals know who runs this city. But this season has not seemed as harmonious without the walkout song.

Some of the biggest European clubs like Dortmund or Liverpool open with ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone”, showing the fans united as one and I believe this same atmosphere could be created for Wanderers. Whether it is an RBB chant or a classic song, something that both the RBB and all Wanderers fans could sing would be a sight to behold.

Having a walkout song would also help to reignite the atmosphere previously seen at Wanderland. It will take time to adjust to the Olympic park venues, but I am certain having a walkout song would increase fan involvement tenfold. It’s understandable that people are skeptical about the change to Olympic Park but facts must be faced: Parramatta will not be ready until 2019, possibly even later. Therefore accepting what we have now is the best way to move forward.

Both the RBB and all Wanderers fans should try and turn Spotless into an even more intimidating venue then Pirtek. Fan involvement is what made Pirtek so terrifying for opposition teams and it can surely be recreated at Spotless.

The first step of many is to introduce a walkout song once again, turn off the speakers for the walkout and let the fans ring their voices to the roof.

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