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Who stays and who goes?

Happy hangovers Familia, mines a stinger.

But like last night, lets put that to the side, we have more important things to worry about, our squad being the most pressing.

This year we came into the season undermanned and our recruitment mid year was underwhelming.

We have already began recruiting for next year, so who stays and who goes?

Tyson: Stays, i don’t believe he will unseat Vedran but he will provide cover when needed.

Janjetovic: Stays, Signing of the season, an amazing goalkeeper and a pleasure to watch.

Cole: Goes, barely used all season. A Champion of Asia and a great club man but cannot command a place in the starting XI or on the bench.

Clisby: Stays, great work rate and ethic, he has improved throughout the season and will improve if we can get a consistent defensive line.

Hammil: Goes, I actually believe he will remain but he shouldn’t, too many errors to often.

Neville: Goes, rumours are he has signed for Perth. Worthy of his spot if he remains.

Borda: Goes, waste of a visa place, barely played all year and whenever we did we struggled.

Cornthwaite: Stays, we should build a defence around himself and Aspro.

Aspro: Stays, getting better all the time, along with Cornthwaite and Clisby we should be building a defence centred around him.

Bandiera: Stays, young man is coming through the ranks and good luck to him.

Nichols: Stays but is rumoured to desire a move to Europe. His season wasn’t as good as last years but is worth his spot if he wants it.

Lustica: Goes, barely used all season and has been unable to force his way into the team.

Dimas: Goes, team plays better without him, its that simple.

Martinez: Stays, unfortunately the club wont invest in a transfer so as much as we would all love to see him play for us next season, he will likely leave. Perhaps to Melbourne City who have no such qualms.

Pinatares: Goes, another wasted visa player.

Baccus: Stays, he has improved throughout the year and provides plenty of energy in the midfield.

Melling: Stays, we haven’t seen much of him, lets hope next season he makes a fist of it.

Shabow: Goes, already signed for Newcastle.

Youlley: Stays, a product of the youth system, hopefully he gets his chance next year.

E Martinez: Stays, the young man has yet to get his call up, best of luck next year.

Antonis: Stays, it looks likely that Terry will leave the club and return to his parent club in Greece. Like Nico, he should be bought at whatever cost.

Santalab: Stays, the evergreen talisman needs help up front however. He cant do it all himself.

Jumpei: Stays, i know people are upset about last night and a lot of his games, the potential is there and another season will hopefully see it realised.

Sotirio: He will be there whatever happens. No point giving an opinion.

Scott: Stays, young man is getting better all the time, hopefully he builds on a strong season and continues his upward gradient.

Zinni: Stays, has yet to receive his chance, good luck to him next year.

Griffiths: Goes, think how different our season would be if we signed Robbie Keane instead.

All in all the season has been one to forget, we lost our captain for nothing at the start of the year, our goalkeeping was farcical when Redmayne played and our reinforcements to a misfiring forward line were inadequate.

We have to get our visa positions sorted, it is likely they will all go, whilst i would love to see Nico stay and have faith Jumpei will improve, i don’t see the club spending or waiting.

Borda and Pinatares were among our worst players all year, Dimas not far off them either.

Unless we buy quality, we will be sitting here next year going through another failed season looking at teams with marquee players we would kill for.

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