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Who will manage the biggest club in Australia?

The sudden resignation of Tony Popovic has left a vacancy at the biggest football club in Australia, Western Sydney Wanderers FC.

Whilst many teams have more history (as we often hear) and others have a collection of toilet seats (as we also hear a lot) none have our Gold star, our passionate fans or our potential.

Whoever steps into the Wanderers hot seat will likely take us through to the opening of our new stadium which will be the finest in the land.

Our membership has stayed strong even whilst playing at a showground and will surely rise when the new Wanderland is unveiled.

Asia is a pipe dream now for every team with the influx of Chinese and Arab money making the dream of a second star a fantasy.

We were called a small club then, we are positively tiny in comparison to the wages being paid in East Asia now.

However, on the local scene we are a massive club and prospective managers know it.

There has been talk that Ante Milicic will be offered the post in the coming days after his Socceroos commitments are finished against the Syrians.

It is unclear if he would maintain a role with the national team if we get past them and have a home and away shot against the 4th best North American team.

To secure Ante, who is himself a fan favourite from his time at the club as assistant from the time of our clubs birth would be a huge coup for WSW.

The other names are top notch as well, Josep Gombau and the left field name that first makes you cringe, then scratch your head in contemplation.

That is, of course, Kevin Muscat.

No different to when Melbourne signed Besart, they hated him because he was good, now they love him because he plays for them.

Muscat would be much the same, a combative and abusive man who has made a career out of not taking any shit from anyone.

We hate him because he is good more than because he is a thug.

If he was our thug, no different to Bes, we would soon forget the earlier clashes and warm to his appointment.

Look at Manchester United fans and Mourinho if you don’t believe me.

Whoever gets the nod, they will have an extremely important mandate, to win that coveted toilet seat, hopefully, the FFA Cup as well and close the gap on our Eastern neighbours.

The opportunity for the new gaffer will be to take our club to another level, playing in a brilliant state of the art stadium in front of an increased membership on the hunt for more trophies.

We are all desperate for success, it is a credit to the stature of the club that whoever comes through the door will be coming with the expectation of winning too.

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