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Why I’m optimistic about the new season

The undeniable aspect of last season was a loss of opportunity. A perfect preseason,
where we went deep into the FFA cup, scored goals for fun against
albeit lower opposition, and looked set to finish at a bare minimum inside the
top 4. The club, the players and most importantly, the fans, were all rocked
when Poppa decided to leave a week before the season commenced, leaving
the club in chaos.

From that point, the fans knew the new found optimism was
short-lived, and expectations for the season quickly dropped. While the
optimism rose again during Gombau’s appointment, it was short lived when
results like 4-0 against Newcastle and 5-0 against the Smurfs started coming.
We now enter into this new season coming off the back of our 2nd worst finish in our small but proud history.

So it would be easy to assume that the fans optimism for this upcoming season has been renewed. However, many fans believe that the current squad is not nearly good enough to reach the potential we as fans have created for the club and the players.

I’m here to try and prove you wrong in every way possible and make those glasses more half full than empty.

First off let’s look at our new coach, Markus Babbel, while he may be unknown
to some, his record is immense, both as a player and coach. Having played for
the likes of Liverpool and Bayern Munich, he has experience on the big stage
and knows how to get results from his time as a manager, having managed in
Germany and Switzerland with former Wanderer Tomi Juric.

His first season in charge of all of his teams has always had a successful first season, which brings
a lot of promise to his first season in red and black. We won’t worry about his
second season shortcomings yet, let’s stay on the positive vibes for now. His
experience with German football should allow the club to look into new
foreign talent to compliment the likes of Reira, Bonevacia and Kamau.

Speaking of Bruce Kamau, our signings, so far have been good acquisitions to
the squad, with Tongyik the younger, more agile replacement for Thwaite.
Kamau, the clinical and tricky player that we wish Sotirio was. Add in
Fitzgerald’s A league experience and remember his form early last season for
City and our 3 City signings look to be gems. Elrich is a worthy backup for
Risdon and Llorente should they get injured or suspended. And brand new
signing Patrick Zielger looks to be another solid addition to the backline to help
compliment the resigning of Janjetovic.

The players who will be continuing on from last season will know that
expectation for this season is high after last season and a top 3 finish is
minimum. And while the circus act of rotating between Spotless and ANZ
continues for another season, this will be the last time we as fans will have to
deal with it. So here’s hoping that we can storm into season 19/20 off the back
of an excellent 18/19 season.

Come on you Wanderers!

Written by Andrew James Ellison

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