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Window Closed

The A-League January transfer window officially closed at 5pm today. We recap the players that we’ve brought into the family, the ones we let go and the ones that got away.


We officially saw the exit of:

  • Andrew Redmayne – goalkeeper -> Sydney FC
  • Kerem Bulut – striker -> released (now signed with SV Wehen Wiesbaden)

Image thanks to Quarrie Sports Photography


This month we officially signed:

  • Vedran Janjetovic – goalkeeper <- Sydney FC
  • Terry Antonis – midfielder <- PAOK (loan for remainder of 2016/17 season)
  • Ryan Griffiths – forward <- South China
  • Stefan Zinni – forward <- South Melbourne

The ones that got away…

Here is a list of the players that we have tried to sign in this window but haven’t worked out for a variety of reasons. NOTE: We have only included players here where it has been officially confirmed that the club attempted to sign them.

  • Robbie Keane – striker – couldn’t match asking price (confirmed by WSW)
  • Eduardo Da Silva – striker – no available visa spot and FFA denied request for guest marquee spot (confirmed by WSW)
  • Matthew Spiranovic – defender  – unclear the precise reason but Popovic indicated “we couldn’t make it work” (confirmed by WSW)
  • Scott McDonald – striker – not released from current contract (confirmed by McDonald)

Image credit: Fox Sports

Looking at this list makes it fairly clear that the Wanderers, despite the criticism to the contrary, have tried to sign ‘big name’ strikers. Unfortunately financial, visa, contractual and FFA issues have stood in the way. In relation to Scott McDonald, in particular, the striker was “keen” on the offer but Motherwell FC would not release him from his contract. For more on the McDonald story, check out the BBC Sport article.


As set out in our previous article on what was expected in the transfer window, we needed to sign a goalkeeper, a striker and some depth at the back. We can safely say that we delivered on at least one of those.

Vedran Janjetovic, despite a singular error in the Brisbane game, has been a terrific signing. He has already delivered our only two clean sheets of the season and has, for the most part, got our back four in order.

Terry Antonis is also a good pick up, and its definitely a plus that we have signed him, but he does not meet what was needed. Similarly, the signing of winger/striker Ryan Griffiths is a positive but is not the caliber of striker that was required. The last minute signing of 20 year old Stefan Zinni is also a positive move but, again, doesn’t meet the standard that was hoped for. This does, on a side note, confirm the reports RBF had received earlier that the Wanderers were set to sign two attacking players at the end of the window.

So it would seem that we did not manage to satisfy two of the three requirements. However, as we can see in the list of players we went for but didn’t get, the club did try to meet both. It is difficult to blame the club or Tony Popovic for the factors beyond their control. Having said that, it does feel as though this transfer window was a bit of a let down considering how vital it was to reignite our season.

With the window closed, all that’s left to do is back the current squad to get the job done and look to strengthen the team in the off-season. COYW

Image credit: A-League Official

Let us know what you think of how we did in the transfer window below? Was this good enough? Who would you have signed that we didn’t?


Forever Red and Black.


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